Diary Exercise

What is the Transparency Review Diary Exercise?

The University is required to conduct a Diary Exercise which surveys how staff spend their time. The information you supply will feed into the annual Transparency Review (TR) return for HEFCE.

TR  information is used to devise the indirect and estates rates, which you use when you apply to research funders or when you cost a commercial proposal. If we do not complete a robust diary exercise we will no longer be able to apply our estates & indirect rates to research proposals. A set of significantly reduced rates would be imposed, resulting in a large reduction in income.

In addition TRAC information on the costs of teaching are currently informing HEFCE funding discussions. It is therefore essential that your diary is recorded accurately, as it will have an impact on all areas of funding. In the past there has been an inclination to code activities as research when in doubt, but please bear in mind that in future doing this will affect teaching funding too.

A robust time allocation system (diary) is essential in satisfying external TR audit requirements and ensuring confidence in TR results. Without it, there are risks to the level of public funding, and of the imposition of further external accountability requirements.

Whilst the minimum requirements are imposed on us, all efforts have been made to minimise the burden on staff.

The Diary Exercise process has been approved by Executive Board

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